First Anthology by the Recovery Narrative, Ink™ Writers:

EVENING: the frayed edges


IN this collection of essays, poem, memoirs, written by men and women with lived experience of mental illness, we see themes of early life trauma, adolescent and young adult confusion, diagnosis and recognition of loss, and then the great moments of self-acceptance.

Our goal in writing was to capture those “Aha!” moments of insight toward recovery, to bring them to light for professional practitioners, family, friends, the general public, and the for writers themselves. These are works in reclaiming a meaningful life beyond the many losses and subsequent despair resulting from a mental health crisis or diagnosis.

The Recovery Narrative Project is an independent peer-led writing circle for mental health consumers who wish to share their stories of how they came to their moments of strength and recovery. Those who will benefit from experiencing these stories are mental health consumers, medical professionals, and the public.

The Project began in 2008 as a program of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s Consumer Initiative Fund program. Since 2009 it is an independent writing circle. We are currently supported with meeting space provided by PeerNetBC, and under the umbrella of Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture.



Our Second Anthology of Recovery Stories is Now Available!

EVENING the frayed edges: RIPPLES of Recovery 


c_v2-ripples-of-recovery-12x18-10ptEVENING the frayed edges: Ripples of Recovery is the second anthology of personal narratives from writers who wish to present you, the reader, your friends, relatives, co-workers, and health care professionals, our stories of mental health experience and milestones in our recovery.

We chose the theme of Ripples of Recovery for this second collection of stories in recognition that mental health and mental illness are not experienced in isolation.

It may seem at times that our actions are our own, yet the truth is, when we are well or not well, what we do ripples through the lives of others. Bearing that in mind can be an impetus to begin the path of Recovery.

We wish you good reading and send our ripples of recovery to you