Welcome to Recovery Narrative, Ink™!

This website is dedicated to assisting those who live with chronic and/or rare diseases, their families, friends and supporters, by posting research, analysis, events, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

Originally, this was a website to display programs of interest to Mental Health Consumers. However, thanks to the efforts and tenacity of patient advocates, it is now possible for people to seek proper diagnoses for chronic and rare medical conditions, which in the past might have been labelled as Mental Illness. And so, this website has expanded to broadly include all chronic and rare medical conditions

I really want to congratulate you if you are taking ownership of your healthcare needs and how you find your medical and healthcare providers! That is not a small undertaking, and you deserve praise for rolling up your sleeves and forging ahead. I know: I live with rare and chronic conditions myself.

Your sleuthing will go beyond mere internet surfing, as it requires honoring your knowledge of who you are and what your honest path forward is. It requires a tenacity to buck the trends and pass up on the easy and immediate fixes; at times you may find yourself on your own, and going down a singular path.

Fortunately, this is temporary. Keep going. Some sayings are laden with truths: “When one door closes, another opens”. Rejection or failure free you to go forth to find the correct path. Listen to your intuition, the tug from within: it is your best guide.

Please enjoy the posts and links here. Share them with others. You are welcome to visit any time!

Wishing You the Best on Your Healthcare Journeys,

…Susan J Katz