Kings Kafe Kaput…

My favourite place to go for breakfast has gone out of business.  I loved going to Kings Cafe for the morning meal.  I’d read the newspaper while having breakfast and a few cups of coffee.  At the end of my meal a fin ($5) would cover my meal and a generous tip.  I am not sure why the Owners had to close their restaurant, maybe they wanted to.  Small and big changes both can affect peoples routines.  Going to Kings Cafe was one of my routines.  The Recovery Narrative Project’s anthology IS having similar changes to my routines.  I’m about to become a published author in a collaborative book based on lived experience with mental illness.  I am so proud of my Co-Authors and myself.  The process of contemplating, writing, editing, collaborating and soon, circulating our anthology has been a major impact on my routine.  Stepping out of my comfort zone has been exciting.  So, I’m going to have to find a new routine place for breakfast and begin adjusting to life as a Writer.    

Summer is heating up…

June 2010 seemed to be one of the least sunny Junes I can remember.  However, July has been quite a warm and sunny month.  Things also seem to be heating up in terms of the Recovery Narrative Project’s anthology.  A late stumbling block is slowing things down but as with many things in life, we can go left, right or over the obstacle.  I thought a book was ready when the writing was complete.  Boy, have I learned a lot.  Just like this year’s weather, the cloudy days will eventually lead to sunny summer days and our anthology will soon be hitting the streets (shelves?).

Oh by the way….

This sentence keeps coming up in my conversations lately.  Oh by the way did you know the Recovery Narrative Project’s Recovery Anthology is almost ready to hit the streets?  I have said these amazing words to quite a few of the contacts in my social network.  Some friends seem almost excited as I am about the book and believe you me, I’m EXCITED.  This is another ticked box on my ‘bucket list’. 

Junuary is gone…

Last month was a cool, cloudy and comfortable month, in my opinion.  Now that July is here, it seems to have brought the warmer weather with it.  Writing will still be an option but a shady space under a gigantic tree will probably be the plan.  The Recovery Narrative Project’s anthology is also almost ready.  Summertime seems to provide so many more options of things to do.  Recovery may seem to also provide one with options but I often wonder if those options always existed.  Perhaps Recovery was a tool used to bring about awareness of those options.  Here’s to a summer of parties, picnics and progress.

Recovery on the calendar year

Tax freedom day is an invention by ‘think-tanks’ to inform taxpayers how much taxes are paid to governments.  In theory, tax freedom day means starting January 1 until tax freedom day (June 5 in 2010) all the money you earn by working goes strictly to pay taxes.  Then all money you earn in that calendar year after tax freedom day belongs to you.  So, people have figured out where in the calendar year taxes are considered paid.  Well, that got me thinking.  Where in the calendar year is our book anthology?  If our group (the Recovery Narrative Project) was to plot out the process we have taken to bring this book to print, where in the calendar would we be?  Some may say November since all of the writing is complete.  Others may say March because there is still more work to be done, many sunny days and a bountiful harvest are still to come.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to New Years Eve!

Oh, I’ve had a long day, the longest day possible actually…

The solstices (longest/shortest days of the year) have always fascinated me.  Today is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.  This summer is going to be an especially busy one for our group of Writers.  We will be preparing for the launch of the Recovery Narrative Project’s anthology ‘EVENING the frayed edges’.  Thankfully there are a range of wonderful activities to enjoy including my favourite….WRITING.  Hope this is a summer to remember.

A dream is being lived while awake

The Recovery Narrative Project started out without a clearly defined goal.  Over many months various members helped give their perspectives on what we could accomplish, together.  Many of us thought publishing a book (anthology) would be a way for the topic of Recovery to be discussed.  Our anthology is now nearly ready to hit the presses!  A collective effort from a number of people helped bring our writing to the published page.  Together, I feel we’ve done more than I ever imagined.