Summer, what summer?

Next May, June and July you will not hear me complaining about the heat and sun.  Why?  I have gotten to experience almost no heat or sun yet this summer.  I kinda miss it.  In fact, I miss it a lot.  My appetite usually shrinks.  I get out for long walks.  I even escape to forests so I can get some time away from the heat.  Not this year.  Last summer I took someone up to Lynn Canyon so they could experience this beautiful corner of the lower mainland.  After a hike, I stuck my head in the cold creek that carves its way through the rock of Lynn Canyon.  That cold water just energized me.  Anyway, I am being energized this May, June and July.  Doing what?  Well, can not say quite yet but I’ll give you a hint.  There maybe more frayed edges…..

Language can be a framework…

Do people living in our communities while accessing mental health services want to be known as ‘Consumers’, or ‘Clients’ or some other label?  Language can certainly help the framework of how issues are looked at.  The term ‘weapons of mass destruction’ certainly helped build a framework for decisions made by many countries in terms of choosing to get involved in a war.  Even how those military actions were framed depending on the group sharing its opinions.  Was it a war, military action, democratic liberation?  The Recovery Narrative Project’s first book (yes, we MAY 😉 be working on a sequel!) EVENING the frayed edges was an opportunity for the authors to use our voices to begin to build frames.  These are frames for us to share our lives, share our experiences and share our opinions about recovery and living with a mental illness.   As writers we were able to build some frames but it is just as vital to see how those frames (and the words within) resonated with our readers.  Hopefully, others will learn from our writing the way we were able to learn about writing, publishing and distributing a book!

An earthquake in Tokyo

Planning sure seemed to help lower the damages in Japan after one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history.  I was in Tokyo this past November 2010.  I saw posted maps in many languages (including english) showing where evacuees should go in event of an earthquake.  So planning helped.  But regardless of how much and how well we may plan there will probably be unforseen issues that will arise.  So, good planning with acceptance that other issues will occur seems to be how to go.  While on a completely different scale, the authors of the Recovery Narrative Project also needed to wear two hats.  A strong ‘planning hat’ was needed to build a framework to build our book upon.  A ‘flexibility hat’ was needed to overcome challenges that we often did not see coming until they were upon us.  Communication is a vital component of the skills needed while wearing both a ‘planning hat’ and a ‘flexilbilty hat’.   My thoughts/prayers go out to all my friends in Tokyo and their friends/families.

Two months have flown by…

Yes, there are still things happening in relation to the Recovery Narrative Projects anthology ‘EVENING the frayed edges’.  Writing the book was an extensive process.  Publishing the book, again more complicated than many of us thought.  And, distributing the book is yet another process with bumps in the road.  So what other tricks or plans do the authors have up our literary sleeves???  Well, like the other steps of writing and publishing, distributing the book is proving to be a journey with unforeseen paths.  The authors have a roughed in map of the direction where we would like to go but we’ll see as time passes.  As stated in previous blog posts, writing a book reminds me of recovery with mental illness.  Yes, the outcome is important but the journey is where the life-learning happens, in my opinion.

Days are short….

December is a busy month for parties, remembering and wrapping up another calendar year.  2010 was a remarkable year for many Authors who participated in the Recovery Narrative Project’s anthology ‘EVENING the frayed edges’.  Sharing one’s personal stories of recovery can be empowering.  Hearing how one has impacted other people by sharing is also empowering.  I think the Authors can hardly wait to see, hear and read about how our project has helped other people in their journeys of recovery….

Check back in the New Year of 2011.  The last chapter of EVENING the frayed edges is still to be written….

Sharing is caring?

Sharing your personal story of recovery may or may not be challenging.  One benefit of sharing one’s personal story of recovery is the knowledge that it WILL impact others.  A heartfelt THANK-YOU must go out to the People who have confided that the book ‘Evening the frayed edges’ by Recovery Narrative Project has had a positive impact upon them.  Reaching out to others was one of our goals in writing the book and hearing that it helped is proof we have accomplished that goal.  Again thank-you to everybody who attended our book launch either in person or in spirit.

Thank-you to all our Supporters!

The Recovery Narrative Project had a successful book launch on November 14, 2010.  The Authors would like to thank everyone who attended our book launch and purchased copies of our book.  We would also like to thank the PeerNet BC Staff who helped us with our book launch.  Of course, some of our Supporters could not attend the book launch but many expressed their desire to attend.  We are hoping to post some photos of the event in the near future.  Once again, thank you to everyone who helped the Recovery Narrative Project Authors in sharing our stories….

Book Launch RESCHEDULED!!!


**Dori Jaffe, Deniz Burton Ismen, Jude Swanson, Margo Robinson, Susan J. Katz, and Susan Trapp**


EVENING the frayed edges: a collection of first-hand accounts of Mental Health Recovery
Edited by Susan J. Katz

145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver
(one block due north of the Seabus Terminal- take the overstreet walkway)

November 14 2010


with music by Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan and Charles Kaplan




Book Launch Announcement Coming Soon!

We have re-scheduled our book launch for Evening the frayed edges!  We, the Authors are looking forward to hosting this event.  If you want to buy copies of our book, we will have copies on hand for sale!  Of course, if you have already bought a copy and would like it signed, BRING IT to the book launch!  The Writers of the Recovery Narrative Project are proud of the collaborative effort we’ve put in together in publishing our stories.  It would be our honour to host you at our book launch.  Date & Times will be announced soon!

Book Launch CANCELLED until further notice



Due to the passing of a parent of one of the Authors, the Recovery Narrative Project Writers, have decided to postpone our book launch.  Our apologies for everyone who has planned to attend.    We are planning to reschedule our book launch for sometime in the New Year.  Please, we look forward to meeting everyone when our book launch occurs.

Our apologies for the inconvienence.  We hope you understand the challenges that these life issues bring about.

**Dori Jaffe, Deniz Burton Ismen, Jude Swanson, Margo Robinson, Susan J. Katz, and Susan Trapp**