Happy Solstice and Happy NEW YEAR!

There are so many spiritual celebrations at this time of year that are probably linked to the winter solstice.  The solstice is very important to me because that means each and every day is a little bit longer than the last.  A little more light can’t be bad, in my opinion.  New Years is another big celebration for many.  For me and some in my network, it is a time to pause and reflect.  This has been an outstanding year for many of us.  However, there are other things for us to try.  It is getting to the point where some of the readers of our first book (EVENING the frayed edges) are approaching the Authors and asking “Will there be a sequel?”.  Writing has, is and will be an important part of the lives of many of the Authors, so yes sequel will be part of our future goals.  Sharing our experiences via our written words (and public speaking too!) we realize we have helped decrease stigma and have personally benefited from the process.  So, all the best to you in terms of celebrating the events you may wish to be part of and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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