Summer, what summer?

Next May, June and July you will not hear me complaining about the heat and sun.  Why?  I have gotten to experience almost no heat or sun yet this summer.  I kinda miss it.  In fact, I miss it a lot.  My appetite usually shrinks.  I get out for long walks.  I even escape to forests so I can get some time away from the heat.  Not this year.  Last summer I took someone up to Lynn Canyon so they could experience this beautiful corner of the lower mainland.  After a hike, I stuck my head in the cold creek that carves its way through the rock of Lynn Canyon.  That cold water just energized me.  Anyway, I am being energized this May, June and July.  Doing what?  Well, can not say quite yet but I’ll give you a hint.  There maybe more frayed edges…..

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