Language can be a framework…

Do people living in our communities while accessing mental health services want to be known as ‘Consumers’, or ‘Clients’ or some other label?  Language can certainly help the framework of how issues are looked at.  The term ‘weapons of mass destruction’ certainly helped build a framework for decisions made by many countries in terms of choosing to get involved in a war.  Even how those military actions were framed depending on the group sharing its opinions.  Was it a war, military action, democratic liberation?  The Recovery Narrative Project’s first book (yes, we MAY 😉 be working on a sequel!) EVENING the frayed edges was an opportunity for the authors to use our voices to begin to build frames.  These are frames for us to share our lives, share our experiences and share our opinions about recovery and living with a mental illness.   As writers we were able to build some frames but it is just as vital to see how those frames (and the words within) resonated with our readers.  Hopefully, others will learn from our writing the way we were able to learn about writing, publishing and distributing a book!

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