An earthquake in Tokyo

Planning sure seemed to help lower the damages in Japan after one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history.  I was in Tokyo this past November 2010.  I saw posted maps in many languages (including english) showing where evacuees should go in event of an earthquake.  So planning helped.  But regardless of how much and how well we may plan there will probably be unforseen issues that will arise.  So, good planning with acceptance that other issues will occur seems to be how to go.  While on a completely different scale, the authors of the Recovery Narrative Project also needed to wear two hats.  A strong ‘planning hat’ was needed to build a framework to build our book upon.  A ‘flexibility hat’ was needed to overcome challenges that we often did not see coming until they were upon us.  Communication is a vital component of the skills needed while wearing both a ‘planning hat’ and a ‘flexilbilty hat’.   My thoughts/prayers go out to all my friends in Tokyo and their friends/families.

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