Peers, Families, Professionals and Others…..

So who has been buying copies of the Recovery Narrative Project’s anthology?  Well a wide range of people have expressed an interest and purchased copies of Evening the frayed edges.  The Authors just wanted to share their stories and perspectives of Recovery.  So far an elected Representative, Doctors, Receptionists, Professionals, Peers, Family Members have all got their copy of our book.  There will be lots of opportunities to get your copy too!  If you know any of the Authors and would like a copy; you can get copies from the Authors (Dori Jaffe, Deniz Burton Ismen, Jude Swanson, Margo Robinson, Susan J. Katz, and Susan Trapp).  If you want to come to our Book Launch on September 26, see our blog posting for the information.  Reducing stigma is one of the goals we have in sharing our stories. 

Ways to Share: