Recovery on the calendar year

Tax freedom day is an invention by ‘think-tanks’ to inform taxpayers how much taxes are paid to governments.  In theory, tax freedom day means starting January 1 until tax freedom day (June 5 in 2010) all the money you earn by working goes strictly to pay taxes.  Then all money you earn in that calendar year after tax freedom day belongs to you.  So, people have figured out where in the calendar year taxes are considered paid.  Well, that got me thinking.  Where in the calendar year is our book anthology?  If our group (the Recovery Narrative Project) was to plot out the process we have taken to bring this book to print, where in the calendar would we be?  Some may say November since all of the writing is complete.  Others may say March because there is still more work to be done, many sunny days and a bountiful harvest are still to come.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to New Years Eve!

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