research study looking for participants

Dear CREST community group,
Happy New Year!
I’m forwarding you details of a study that is looking for participants. The project, which is funded by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, has been designed to improve our understanding of how people with severe mental illness perceive and interact with the police. The findings of the research are intended to inform police training and guidelines for interacting with people who have severe mental illness.
If you’re interested in hearing more, please see the attached document or contact Carolyn Greaves at cg******@fo******.ca
With best wishes, Erin.

Dr. Erin E. Michalak
Assistant Professor
CREST.BD team leader:
Postdoctoral Coordinator, FOM, UBC
Mood Disorders Centre
Department of Psychiatry
University of British Columbia
2255 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, V6T 2A1
Tel: 604 827 3393

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