Call for Submissions

Happy solstice everyone!
Last year the first Monday’s Poem of 2009 was given over to a collaborative poem of couplets about snow … some of you may remember last year’s snow!
86 poets participated — you can find the poem here:

Well this year it is temperature more than snow defines winter. We invite you to send couplets — what’s it really like out there on the streets/fields/forests … or in those unprepared homes during this time of high fuel prices? The working title: “Cold”.

Please do read last year’s poem at the link above to get a feel for line length. Notice: no end-of-line rhyme for this project. We’ll accept lines up to 5:00 p.m. on December 31, 2009. We invite you to pass this invitation along.

Ursula, Marianne, Suzanne

Ursula Vaira, Publisher
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