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Thursday/Friday Edition

Selected Writers Festival Events with Tickets Available


37 – The Tightrope | 10am | Granville Island (GI) Stage
A morning of exuberant envelope-pushing from convention-defying authors.

39 – Family Fugue | 10am | Performance Works
Three ambitious and accomplished novelists paint on the large canvas of family relationships over generations.

43 – Lurk | 1pm | Revue Theatre
Come hear three novelists – Sarah Waters, Anne DeGrace and Tim Wynne-Jones – whose latest works will more than satisfy your need for chills!


49 – Thriller | 10:30am | Revue Theatre
Literary, funny, gripping, informative and thought-provoking, three thriller writers will keep you wide-eyed and entertained!

50 – Almost Fatal Attraction | 10:30am | Performance Works
An exploration of the thin line between adoration and ownership, excitement and danger. A thrilling way to begin your weekend!

53 – Crime, Not Punishment | 2pm | Revue Theatre
It’s certainly no punishment to spend an afternoon with these fine crime fiction authors as they discuss the twists and turns of their crime novels!

55 – The Road Maps of Life | 2pm | Waterfront
There is no road map for self-discovery. But these authors, through their novels of journeys real and metaphorical, show us how to make the trek.

At time of printing, tickets are also available for Events 38, 41, 42, 48, 51, 52.

Looking Ahead…Writers Festival Highlights


58 – Polyphony | 8pm | Waterfront
Sample some great reads as seven fine writers read from their new works.


62 – Out There, Right Here | 1:30pm | Waterfront
For those looking for a taste of the outrageous! Bare-knuckled bouts with the devil, psychic UFO-chasers and more!

64 – The Afternoon Tea | 3:30pm | Performance Works
Tea and tales from a diverse selection of Festival authors.

65 – emerge | 4pm | Waterfront
Hear from the new voices of Vancouver’s literary scene at the launch of the annual anthology from SFU’s Writers’ Studio.

66 – Peter Mansbridge | 8pm | Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
Peter Mansbridge, CBC’s Chief Correspondent, delivers this year’s Bill Duthie Memorial Lecture.

Other Events on Granville Island This Week

Open Mic Night! | 6:30pm | AGRO CAFÉ
1363 Railspur Alley, Granville Island
Two Literary Nights – Friday and Saturday (October 23rd and 24th)
Your chance to share your writing with Vancouver’s literary community!
Open mic sign up at 6pm. Free admission.

To purchase tickets for any Writers Festival event, visit our office (1398 Cartwright St) or contact Vancouver Tix at 604-629-8849 or Day of tickets are available at the door.

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