Betsy Warland’s new book, and a free download!

Betsy Warland ~ Author
Betsy Warland’s UPDATED Site… I am pleased to announce that Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing will be published by Cormorant Books in the spring of 2010. This collection of twenty-four essays investigates the materials we collaborate with as writers – such as the alphabet, the computer, the page, the table – and introduces a number of new writing concepts about the forces we encounter, in the act of writing, that throb beneath the language of craft. Twelve years in the making, Breathing the Page is a map of my writing quest as a writer, a creative writing teacher, and a manuscript development consultant. Most recently, two of these essays (“Table” and “The Line”) were published in grain, Vol. 36, No. 4. I invite you to download the final essay in the book, “Sustaining Yourself as a Writer.” As I would have been eager to read this essay earlier on in my writing life, I am making it available to any writer who wishes to read it. This free pdf download will be posted for a limited duration of time.
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