Writing and photography opportunities with Momentum Magazine

Hi there,

Momentum Magazine, a Vancouver-based urban cycling magazine, is recruiting
writers and photographers to contribute to our BC Section.

We offer honorariums for submissions and can offer students and recent
grads a chance to get their work published in a popular North-America-wide
magazine that is available both in print and online. More information
about our publication is included at the bottom of this email.

The theme of our Nov/Dec issue is “Reclaiming Public Space.” For this
issue, I am looking for stories about how individuals and organizations in
BC are working to make our cities more pedestrian- and cycling-friendly.
How can we, or are we, fostering public engagement within our communities?
How are we building liveable communities in BC? What could be done to
enhance our public spaces?

Interested in writing for us? Please send me two writing samples
(preferably of published works), your resume, as well as two photo samples
(if you are also a photographer). I will send you our writing guidelines,
information about our honorarium and story ideas.

If you would like to pitch a story, please include a brief outline of your
article along with an estimated word count and, if applicable, number of

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Sarah Ripplinger
BC/Assistant Editor
Momentum Magazine

About Momentum

Momentum provides urban cyclists with the inspiration, information and
resources to fully enjoy their riding experience and connect with local
and global cycling communities.

Published six times a year, Momentum Magazine focuses on transportation
cycling and bike culture in North America. Momentum’s positive and
solutions-based editorial coverage includes arts & culture, city and
people profiles, food, books, current events and gear.

Momentum has one North American edition and four local sections – BC,
Chicago and San Francisco/ Bay Area – and is distributed for free in 20
cities across North America in coffee shops, libraries, community centers,
retail outlets and bike stores. Momentum works with independent
distributors, many of which deliver Momentum by bike. Momentum is also
available by individual subscription or for pick-up through its Get Listed
program, where shops can buy a bulk subscription and hand out copies to
their customers for free.

Our cities in the US: Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, LA, Austin,
Minneapolis, New York, Madison, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia

Our cities in Canada: Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Toronto

Momentum currently produces 50,000 print copies, reaching a total
readership of over 125,000 people, and its website,
www.momentumplanet.com, averages 1000 unique visitors a day.

Momentum started in 2001 as a non-profit publication focusing on the
self-propelled culture of Vancouver, BC, and was founded by Amy Walker,
Carmen Mills and Joelle Paton. After taking a 1.5 year break, Momentum was
re-launched in 2005 as a business by Amy Walker. In 2007, Momentum changed
its focus to speak to a North American audience and expanded its
distribution to eight Canadian cities. In 2008, Momentum started
distribution in six cities in the US. In 2009 the distribution increased
to 20 North American cities.

Sarah Ripplinger
BC/Assistant Editor
Momentum Magazine

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