March 14th conference on Stigma in Mood Disorders

Dear all:
The Mental Health Commission of Canada states that “Many people living with a mental illness report that the stigmatization of mental illness causes them more suffering than their disease itself”.
Mood disorders disable more Canadians than any other disorder, but often treatment is not sought nor entirely effective. Research indicates that experiences and perceptions of stigma are common in depression and bipolar disorder, and this affects help seeking as well as acceptance of mood disorders as a health condition by the public. This year, CREST-BD, CANMAT and the UBC Department of Psychiatry have come together to create a conference to focus on stigma and discrimination in mood disorders. Join us at this one-day education event Mastering Mood Disorders: Identifying and Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination’ and/or please consider sending this email on through your networks.
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