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Hello my friends,
I hope that you have a wonderful year.
Storytelling: Writing Story, Telling Story
We each have a story to tell. Using a combination of written and oral exercises, participants are supported to mine their experience, imagaination, and passion to discover and create stories that sing. We look at how to craft a tale for oral presentation. Focus is on develping a lively and intimate relationship between the storyteller and the audience. $239.00
8 Tuesday evenings, Feb. 17 – Apr. 7, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Langara College
Crazy as ti sounds, “graduating” from this 8 week class means more to me in terms of overcoming my fears and believing in myself thatn my entire four year Bachelor degree. The class inspired me, thrilled me, terrified me, and encouraged me to reach inside of myself to find and express my passions.”
Cara Harper, Corporate Trainer.
“Helen is wonderfully encouraging, an inspired teacher with much depth and knowledge about the craft.”
Carol Nakonechny, Retired Teacher, Spritual Seeker.
“By far the best course and best instructor I’ve ever had. thank you, Helen for starting me on the storytelling road.” Rick Juliussen, Non-profit Director.
To register, call 604 323- 5322.
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