Creative Writing: From Strathcona Newsletter editor Jude Swanson

This article from Write From The Heart graduate Jude Swanson appears in the Strathcona Mental Health Team newsletter. Jude is the newsletter’s editor:
Creative Writing
There are many activities that I love to do but writing is one that I enjoy while in a variety of roles. I write letters to my Grandmother in England. I do paperwork while at work. I write letters to municipal, provincial and federal government representatives advocating for changes I’d like to see. So, writing was already an important part of my life before I took Write from the Heart a creative writing group connected to the Consumer Initiative Fund. Write from the Heart was an incredible course (for me) for a variety of reasons. I took it to improve my writing skills and I feel it did. However, it added in ways I could not of perceived before taking the course. One of my faults before taking Write from the Heart is that I thought I didn’t have time to write. The course really showed some options to MAKE that time for writing. Writing is so important to me that I know I need to make time for it, just like I make time for sleeping, eating and socializing. The Write from the Heart course is one that I would recommend to others. I had already identified writing as an important part of my life. The course helped me improve my writing and introduced me to other people (fellow Writers). Jude Swanson

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