BRIAN invitation: The Glass Box

The BC Regional Integrated Arts Network (BRIAN) invites you to:

The Glass Box

Work-in-Progress Presentation

an “off-event” at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Sunday June 8, 2 pm
Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver

Admission: Free

You are invited to a directed reading followed by discussion and reception.
Come to observe and contribute to an exciting new work in development.

Divised and directed by Jan Derbyshire
From the writings and interviews of the performers Kyla Harris, Watson Moy, Susanna Uchatius
a Theatre Terrific Society production

The Glass Box is a pastiche of sketch comedy, dramatic scenes, dance and exciting, climactic monologues exploring the fact and fiction around the themes of sex and disability. Inspired by the true life and sex stories of the performers, The Glass Box blends and refracts the experiences and perceptions of three disparate, sexually active people: a 55 year-old, straight, able-bodied women, on the verge of a latent but powerful sexual awakening, a 23 year-old woman in a wheelchair, in full ownership of her bisexuality and a 38 year old Down Syndrome man who has a fully satisfying, albeit solo, sex life. The Glass Box is a transparent, reflective and hilarious romp that will challenge ideas and beliefs of what it is to be a sexual being.

The Glass Box is directed and devised by Jan Derbyshire, who has worked as writer, theatre-maker, comedian and teacher since 1988. The cast includes Kyla Harris, a visual artist and actor who is quadriplegic. Kyla was recently the subject and collaborator for the photography project “Access Sex”, with photographer Sarah Murray. The project was selected for the Abilities Arts Festival in Toronto in 2007 where it received rave reviews. Watson Moy is an artist with Down Syndrome who performed in Theatre Terrific’s professional production doGs. Susanna Uchatius is a director, writer, film and stage actor and teacher with over twenty five years experience. She has been the Artistic Director of Theatre Terrific since 2004.

Established in 1985, Theatre Terrific is an award-winning theatre company that promotes a world where artists with disabilities are heard, seen, challenged and respected. For more information see

Presented with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and in partnership with Magnetic North Theatre Festival, the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre and the BC Regional Integrated Arts Network.

Contact: Cathy McDonald
General Manager
604 222-4020


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