Poems by Susan Trapp

A friend in the Coffee Shop
Susan Trapp

A dream took me away
from the present moment
I brought me back
to a time I love to remember
My friend was with me
In a coffee shop
the sound of the traffic
Very distracting
Straining to each others’ words
What had her father done?
What was her mother like?
How had her mother died?
Questions connecting in new ways
Our brains fired up
Alas the dream was fading
the memory was dimming
Suddenly I was back
By myself in a coffee shop
A cold cup of coffee in my hand.

the Rant
Susan Trapp

people giving their power away
not owning themselves
wanting someone to save them
someone to do it for them
denying the secret
which makes life worth living
denying themselves
and their right to live
as they see it.

not being someone else’s life
but their own
neglecting themelves
denying the work they need to do
which is sometimes hard
wanting the easy way out
denying the person
that is themselves
their own person
their own life
their own soul
when will they get it?
the power is within

The Blessing (to the Rant)
Susan Trapp

People who know the secret
who know the power is within
who toil each day
to make it better
who toil
to make others better
who have good will
and care for each other
Not always without attachments.

The Garden (Before the Fall)
Susan Trapp

Luscious and tempting
green and red
and many coloured.

the smell of apples
And roses
Mingled in delight.

Wonderful and glowing
with oozing smells
growing together
with sights and memories

Oxygen and more oxygen
Outright consumerism

Appetite satiated
No hunger
Always full

No pain
Sounds of waterfalls
drumming on my ears
an ecstasy
what more can there be?
All senses attended to
All needs (the same)
a new Earth yet very old
remade again
in our image
or God’s image
or both intertwined again
an Eternity

What poetry should be
Susan Trapp

Poetry should sing the song
that needs to be sung
In our hearts.

Poetry should celebrate
Our successes and our failures.

Poetry should be the prayer
our soul needs to pray
In the darkest moments
of our lives.

Poetry should remember
the happy times
as well as the sad times.

When we are trying to cling to
the moment
poetry should give us
the strength to see it through
to the other side.

When we think poetry should
It already has.

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