College Prep Course


STAC 1101, SECTION 001
May 5th to August 6th

Instructor: Nathan Anderson Course Times and Location:
Office Location: 4600 NW Campus Monday 2:00-4:00 Room 4211A
Office: 4614 Wednesday 2:00-4:00 Room 4211A
Telephone: 527-5517
Email: an*******@do*****.ca Semester: Summer 2008

Office hours: M&W 12.30-13.30


Students in this course will develop college preparatory skills and confidence in reading, writing, speaking, and listening for academic tasks. This course is designed to improve academic skills required to meet the demands of college level courses. In addition, information about how to improve memory & cognitive strategies necessary to academic work will be provided. Efficient time management and good study skills and habits needed to become an effective student will be stressed throughout the course. An outline of topics covered throughout the term is attached. Some additional topics and materials may be added during the semester as needed.


Students will be required to bring a three-ring binder, a dictionary, loose-leaf paper, a pen, and a highlighter. Students will be provided with reading materials and assignments as the semester proceeds.


This course is designated as a Mastery course. Courses designated Mastery assess a student’s knowledge and achievements according to defined learning outcomes or criteria.

Questions?? Talk to the course instructor, Nathan Anderson, 604-527-5517 or Kary Otterstein at 604-435-5677.
A pre-entry interview with the instructor is required.

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