The Invitation by Leanne Johnston

The Invitation

The boat crashes against the water,
Which looks like jelly.
Translucent, thick, taut,
Reminds me of a glass of water overfilled,
Held in place,
By some invisible skin.

When the boat soars and crashes,
Soars and crashes,
The foam it creates,
Makes fizzing sounds.
F’shoo, f’shoo, f’shoo.

I look into the dark, thick water.
The bubbles invite me in,
Suggest the water will
Envelope me like a bubblebath;
Sooth my soul.

I remove my shoes,
Place them on the window ledge,
Climb into he window,
And dive into the water.
I am alone in that nothingness.
As I watch the ferry sail away,
I am free.

–Leanne Johnston

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