Blenz reading series: February 8, 2008 7-9pm

Blenz reading series: February 8, 2008 7-9pm

Friday, February 8, 2008
7-9 pm
Blenz Coffee Shop, 508 Hastings (at Richards Street), Vancouver

Come listen to a six-year span of members of The Writer’s Studio,
including two people just beginning their writing journey with that
program this year. Fiction, non-fiction and narrative, and poetry
will all be presented. An open mike will be available, time
permitting. Shake off the rain and dust off the snow, sit down with a
cuppa something warm, and spend a few hours with the hearts and minds
of the students and alumni of The Writer’s Studio.

ANNA LING KAYE is a fictionary from TWS 2007.

MANDANA RASTAN is excited to have started the new year with a
fantastic group of writers in TWS 2008. Her articles have been
published in <i>The Vancouver Sun, Canadian Immigrant, Balanced
Life</i> and <i>Grassroots</i>. She has also read her work on CBC
Radio, Co-op Radio, and at the World Poetry Reading Series. Tonight
she will be sharing some of her latest creations.

GEOFF COLE reunited with the gang for one last heist after graduation
from TWS 2007, after which he planned to retire to a quiet life of
writing. Unfortunately the gang couldn’t fit all those cows in the
trucks they’d rented and the deal went sour. Now, dodging the law,
and the beef board, Geoff has been writing under a pseudonym and
stealing single-serving tuna cans for protein. Tonight he will be
reading from the entirely un-autobiographical “The Most Successful
Man In The World.”

ALEV ERSAN tells us that Alev in Turkish means ‘flame’. Cut the word
in half – al ev – and the syllables assume different meaning on their
own. ‘take’ and ‘home’. Alev completed TWS 2007 and is currently
working on a manuscript of poetic writing from which she will read a
sequence of poems tonight.

PAT BUCKNA provides and operates the sound system for our Blenz
readings and attended The Writer’s Studio in 2002. This year he has
returned to TWS as an adjunct writer and is working on his family
memoir “Tell Me No Secrets”.

JOAN FLOOD is a new member of TWS 2008. In tonight’s piece she will
be remembering life in Ontario as a new immigrant.

DAVID ANTROBUS is a TWSer from 2005.

ELEE KRALJII GARDINER, TWS 2006, is a freelance writer at work on a
novel about archiving and the evaporation of memory. Most recently
her work was published in <i>Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine</i>.

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