Poem: Together We Try by Jude Swanson

Together we try
Why must I take yet another tired breath?
I really look forward to a sudden death
Depressed, I will rummage in the fridge
While I visualize leaping from a bridge
The darkness really makes me want to cry
I usually want to give up before I even try
Why must I always feel that life is so bad?
Day after day my moods are simply so sad
“Why go on living?” I often hear myself say
Before enduring yet another meaningless day
The road of life may come to a happy bend
But for now I still long for my life to just end
Some say “you are constantly complaining”
But wanting life just seems to be so draining
With courage, I decided to finally take action
My failed suicide attempt equalled traction
If you really want to have no wind in your sail
Attempt to kill yourself and then have it fail
Some people are glad that I am not yet dead
“Many wonderful times for us are still ahead”
I am still not quite sure if they could be right
But sometimes the future does seem bright
I then began to wonder if the secret to living
Was to reap the benefits of emotional giving
I found one of the happiest moments must be
Meeting people battling depression just like me
Our parents differ but we are sisters and brothers
Talk to me so I can then introduce some others
If you let people see what is stored on the inside
You are a friendly person for them to confide
Often battling similar problems then and now
Maybe together we can each discover the how
Life seems to be cutting quite close to the bone?
It is tough enough without trying to do it alone.
…Jude Swanson

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