The Unruly Salon, Vancouver 2008

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Welcome to the Unruly Salon Series at Green College, UBC

The Unruly Salon Series Presented by Green College at UBC January 12-March 29th, 2008 Join The Unruly Salon to further the discourse on diversity, humanity and civil society; contribute to a fundamental reshaping of the disability narrative; challenge ideas of ‘global citizenship’; and work to realize the full inclusion of all people. In the context of a burgeoning disability arts and cultural movement in Canada and internationally, the Unruly Salon Series is an historical first at UBC. Drawing from both internationally renowned scholars of disability studies and professional artists from the visual, performing, musical arts sectors, the Salons will demonstrate a belief that the pursuit of equality and inclusion is a cultural task as much as it is an academic or political one. Salon scholars and artists variously ask:

  • How do varied experiences of dis/ability transform and vitalize the meaning of an education, the public sphere and social justice?
  • How can disability arts, culture and struggles by people with disabilities transform and inform undergraduate and graduate education at UBC and in the wider province, Pacific Rim and internationally?
  • What can we all learn from artists and scholars with disabilities currently participating in disability scholarship and the arts locally and globally?

The Series is the inspired creation of Dr. Leslie G. Roman, Associate Professor, Dept. of Educational Studies at the UBC Faculty of Education, in partnership with Mr. Geoff McMurchy, artistic director of S4DAC (The Society for Disability Arts and Culture) and Artistic Director for The Unruly Salon Series.

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